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Phew!  I had an insanely busy, but productive few days completing 3 new paintings, starting on a few other ones and testing out a new process.  I usually work on one painting at a time, start to finish.  This week I tried sketching out some ideas, picking 3 I wanted to work on and then doing the backgrounds for all 3 at the same time.  It was a major time saver and suits my scatterbrain ADD personality perfectly to have various paintings laying around my studio space in various states of completion.  *grin*

Speaking of scatterbrained, we decided last night that we’re going to Seattle today. One of my favorite people is flying to Thailand for a backpacking year long adventure and he has a 4 hour layover in Seattle. Despite being insanely jealous of his trip, we’re driving down to get in an airport visit since it’ll be our last chance to see him for a good long while.  John and I have always wanted to see Thailand, so it’s not completely out of the realm of possiblility that we could meet up with him at some point in the next year, but with the boy living here full time now and me embarking on my career as a working artist, getting away is a little sticky.

Fortunately getting away to Seattle is a breeze! Tomorrow is a holiday, so we’re planning to hit the Science Fiction Museum/Music Experience with my nephews.  Now I just gotta get packed up & ready to go before the traffic gets crazy.  And pack my sketchbook for the drive.  🙂

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  1. Lady, I completely forgot about this address until it just hit me like a bolt of lightning all of a sudden. SO glad I popped through…your work is looking great…Henry’s Mushroom made me break out into a huge smile. 🙂 Already looking forward to either lining up for some mountains this winter or a warm-up run on the bike next summer. :))


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