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You Gonna Eat That?

It’s summer! Of COURSE I would sign up for 2 classes plus host an art show plus take on a new wholesale client plus sign up for a whack of markets plus try to plan some holiday time so I can actually see my family! Yes, I have once again bitten off more than I can chew and am a busy little bee running around trying to keep my TO DO list from piling so high that I get buried right underneath it! Phew!

I had such a fantastic time at my art show on the weekend that it deserves its own post (with plenty of photos), but that will have to wait for another time because wouldn’t you know it – I’m dashing out the door to my art class. Last night they had me attempting to build a sculpture that represented a “stair experience” plus the words “liminial” and “vortex”. Oh, did I mention my only tools were cardboard, string & masking tape? Yeah. Not exactly taking that beauty home for display in the grand foyer! haha

Tonight we’ll be discussing the roots of modernism, which apparently involves a whole lot of French history. It’s an interesting class, but to say my knowledge of the French Revolution is rusty is putting it mildly. Au revoir!

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