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Winnipeg Bound!

still life homework for my summer painting class

Happy summer everyone! My days have been stuffed pretty full as of late with 7 market dates booked in June (7!!), 2 sets of houseguests, much unpacking plus 2 art classes at Emily Carr University. This has all been leading up to a well-deserved vacation as I head back to Winnipeg, Manitoba for a few days to celebrate my grandmother’s 90th birthday. It’s hard to believe my grandma is 90 years old. This is a lady who reads my blog regularly (& is good at reminding me to update when I get busy!), sends me emails & is always keen to shop for a new outfit or piece of jewelry to wear when she goes out for coffee with the girls. She’s awesome. 🙂

My whole family is heading back to Manitoba for a few days where my folks have rented a cute little cabin at Clear Lake. Princess Sparkle gets to go on her first airplane ride & hopefully I will be getting plenty of quiet time to catch up on my drawing class homework. Some time to poke around antique shops would be lovely too!

Is your summer off to a good start?

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