Wild Things

Where the Wild Things Are painting

Finishing up a new painting tonight inspired by the book Where the Wild Things Are. I loved the book as a kid and wasn’t at all disappointed with the movie adaptation, unlike some other recent children’s books that have become blockbusters. Ahem, Mr. Burton, I’m looking at you.

While I thoroughly enjoyed painting those terrible yellow eyes, I did run into a bit of trouble while painting the edges of the canvas. I usually paint the edges a dark brown or whatever color works with the painting, so that you can hang it without necessarily needing a frame. Easy enough -except when you DROP the canvas on the floor. Face down, of course.

Fortunately it was *just* about dry, so I didn’t have a total mess on my hands, but I did spend a good long while picking dog hair out of
the monster’s fur. I was tempted to just leave it in there to add to the authenticity. Hehe

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