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Where the Wild Things Are


Squeeeeeeee! I’m so excited to see this movie. There have been rumors & drama all throughout the making of Where the Wild Things Are and seeing the trailer just totally put my mind at ease. Or, more accurately, a state of complete excitement and joy!

Like millions of other children all over the world, I loved this book. It was adventure and fear and mad at your parents and pretty dark for a kids’ book. I worried that a film adaptation would be too sanitized and Disney-fied, losing the original feel. I didn’t want to see CGI monsters belting out musical numbers. And this trailer looks so good that I actually felt myself tearing up a little bit. (For the record, I’m also PMSing right now, so that may have something to do with it. Movie trailers don’t usually make me cry. Honestly.)

And if you want to restock your kid cupboard, Amazon has the book for around $12, plus some cute puppets & plush.


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