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Wes Anderson Is My Secret Boyfriend

I went to see the new Wes Anderson movie, Moonrise Kingdom, last week and heartily recommend it to everyone – even those who don’t happen to be rabid Wes Anderson fan girls like myself! Between my portraits of Margot and Richie from the Royal Tenenbaums to my latest addition, Bill Murray as Captain Steve Zissou, it’s pretty clear I’m smitten with my secret boyfriend and may not have the most objective opinion. However, with his latest film, I think the pacing and story sets it up to be appreciated by a wider audience.

I won’t go into too much detail – just go see it! There is an incredibly sweet love story that captures so perfectly the sentimentality of childhood and summer. There is action! And delicious pacing! Wes Anderson movies are always so beautifully stylized that I can often fall in love with the cinematography and aesthetics, which, I realize, may not inspire quite the same heart-fluttering reaction in folks who don’t view the world as a million paintings yet to be painted. So yes, Moonrise Kingdom is enchanting to look at. I could spend the rest of my summer painting scenes from the movie. But that doesn’t mean that your boyfriend will find it boring. I swear!

If you have a summer date night planned, I can’t think of a better pick. And then afterwards, perhaps play a little Wes Anderson Bingo over at


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