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Two Weeks???

How can there only be 2 more weeks left until the end of August? Technically the boy doesn’t go back to school until September 7th, but to me September = fall. Boo! Hiss! Stop the clock for just a little longer please!

In light of how little time I have left this summer, I’m really glad that I decided to take 4 out of the 6 days I had in between markets last week to head down to Washington & visit with friends. It was a lot of travel time (stupid border line ups & stupider ferries booked solid) for only 2 days of relaxation, but I’m glad we did it. Highlights:

Since the clock is still ticking on summer, I’m making a list of the things I really want to do before we’re back to raincoats & rubber boots:

  • ride rides at the PNE
  • swim in the Stanley Park pool (overlooking the ocean – awesome!)
  • take the dogs to the leash free swimming area of Buntzen Lake
  • eat yummy food stuffs at Richmond Night Market
  • ride my bike along the sea wall to Go Fish – one of the best spots for fish & chips in Vancouver
  • have at least one lazy summer day where I do nothing but read, doodle in my sketchbook & drink iced tea (or sangria)

That makes for a couple of very busy weeks & since I still have a boatload of work to do, I’m thinking a lot of iced coffees may be in my future. Which is just fine. I can sleep in October. šŸ˜‰

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