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This Old (Drafty) House


Now that the miserable Vancouver rain has set in, our utilities bill is almost double what it was last month (& more than double what it was in August). We live in an old house and we rent, so replacing the windows is not an option. I’ve been googling whether or not to bother with the shrink film stuff since it seems awfully expensive for something I’d only keep up until spring (still undecided). In the meantime, I stumbled on this great article from Life Hacker with handy winterizing tips. I can’t imagine covering my windows with bubble wrap, but a programmable thermostat & space heater for the room I spend the most time in is totally do-able.

Speaking of the room I spend the most time in, this crafty shelving solution from Crafty Nest makes me horny:


Seriously. Skip the wine and chocolates -build me a functional storage solution and I’m yours!

This guy from Ikea Hacker? So after my heart with an entire shoe closet made for his girl. *sigh*


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