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Sick As A Dog

I went straight from enjoying recharging my batteries to being sick as a dog for THREE WHOLE WEEKS! I’ve never been sick for so long in my life. My mister was walloped with the same bug, so we got to enjoy coughing ourselves awake while also annoying the other person. Fever, chills, coughing, sinus infection, migraines coupled with awful body aches…you name it, I had it. After two full weeks of this I was diagnosed with pneumonia & the antibiotics kicked in after a few days. Thank goodness!


You don’t realize how precious your health is while you’re still healthy. While my illness wasn’t serious, it was so frustrating to waste the days away moving from my bed to the couch while I knew my TO DO list was growing longer by the day & I was running out of time to get work done for my upcoming show. If I was going to take weeks off from work, it should at least be because I’m enjoying a beautiful beach somewhere, right?

Do you have any tried and true methods for staying healthy during flu season? When you do get sick, what do you do to make sure you feel better as soon as possible?

Lots of juice and rest and fruit later (my oh so sweet parents had a fruit basket delivered), I’m finally starting to feel like myself again. And starting to get caught up on work! I invested in a new printer this year, so I’ve been color correcting my print files to try to get the best results. The quality is gorgeous, but a little different than my old printer, so each & every file needs to be tweaked. Not fun!

Next up – more wood panel prints! My next show is only 6 days away, so I gotta get cracking!

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