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It’s a Boy!

GIrls Have Cooties
Girls Have Cooties

12X 12, acrylic on canvas

prints available in my Etsy shop

I finally added a boy to my series of creepy girls and I think he’s become my favorite. He’s not particularly happy to be hanging with the girls though. Mom’s always on his case to be nicer to his sister, but that’s only because mom never sees the stuff she does!

I rarely paint boys, but after falling in love with this little guy, I think you’re going to see more and more popping up in my work. I think the last boy I painted was in “I’ll Always Make Room For You”:

i'll always make room for you

Speaking of boys, J and I had a lovely cuddlefest with the puppies last night and fell asleep listening to his xmas present, the new David Gilmour CD Live in Gdansk. I bought him the 2 CD/2 DVD set from Amazon (half the price of what Best Buy had it listed at) and if you’re a fan of Pink Floyd or any beautiful melodic music really, get it. He performs with the Baltic Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra in this apocalyptic looking shipyard, which seems rather bizarre, but fits perfectly with such soulful music. Here’s a YouTube clip of “High Hopes”:

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