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Island in the Rain

kgb on the island

I spent the last few days visiting my parents on a tiny island off the coast of BC called Thetis Island. My dad retired in the summer and the first step on their new adventure was to sell everything, rent a cabin for 1 year and move to BC. This was my first chance to get out to see their new digs and I had a blast.

This acorn didn’t fall far from the tree – all three of us love to dawdle around on the edge of the water, hunting for treasures. I spotted the odd fish, lots of crabs (from tiny to big enough that they started to look tasty), purple and orange starfish, and translucent pulsating jellyfish. It was awesome.

moon jellyfish

I did bring some work to do at the cabin and have to say it would be a lovely life to make pendants and package up postcards while listening to nothing but the sound of the waves lapping against the shore. I missed my boys, of course, but my house usually has the sound of a TV in the background – a sound I often try to drown out by playing my own music or podcast in my studio. The only thing to watch at the cabin was the water – oh, and the sea lions and seals that like to hang out on the rocks maybe 100 meters from my parents’ deck! So. Awesome.

float plane

Also awesome? I got to fly home on a float plane! I was a little nervous at first, but it was amazing. Such beautiful views and so fast! Instead of 2 ferry trips and over an hour of driving, I was up & down in probably 20 minutes. Highly recommended.

float plane bc

As much as I enjoyed my brief holiday, I don’t know if I could live on an island full time. The mister & I tend to be fairly spontaneous.

Wanna go see a movie?
When does it start?
15 minutes.
Let’s go!

Planning our lives around ferry schedules and being unable to make late night dashes for fast food would take some getting used to. Attending concerts or art openings would take so much effort that it would have to be something I’d *really* want to see. And even though I loved the break from the chatter of TV, eventually I’d start itching for the new Project Runway.

I may not have seals to watch out my window while I’m working on my computer, but the squirrels, birds and neighborhood pooches (& their owners) are enough to keep me entertained most days. Plus I can always visit. 🙂

thetis island bc

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