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I’m An Evil Pet Owner

With Halloween just a few days away, I dug out our costumes & decorations, bought pumpkins for carving, and then…the pet torture began. I don’t make them wear the costumes for more than a few minutes, but it’s worth it just for snapping pics that I can refer back to whenever I need a laugh. Exhibit A – the most miserable Frankenstein ever:


Do you see the ear holes? Come on! How can I NOT inflict this kind of cuteness on her?

Speaking of cuteness, the ever obliging pug, who lets me dress him up like a bumblebee & rarely tries to get it off:


What sort of Halloween torture are you inflicting on your pets this year?

1 thought on “I’m An Evil Pet Owner”

  1. My cats act like “The White Dog” when they get dressed up.
    They still don’t even like a collar and still HATE the harness.

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