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I’m Almost Ready, I Swear

It was a rainy miserable couple of days, but I still managed to have a great time at Harmony Arts Fest on the weekend. There were so many lovely vendors who deserve a proper blog post with pics & links to their fabulous wares, but that will have to wait until I get back into town. My mister is tapping his foot impatiently as we were supposed to have hit the road already & I’m still not packed. Doh! I swear I’m hurrying as fast as can be, but I had orders to pack, a pug to bathe & as much as I would LOVE to tell you all about the celebrity couple  (sneakily pictured below) who purchased a couple of things from my table on the weekend, I should really hop off the ‘puter before my mister leaves without me.

Rest assured I will be back in the saddle soon enough because I’ve got my last market of the summer coming up this Sunday, August 15th. I’ll be at Artful Sundays on Commercial Drive from noon until 5pm. Check out the Britannia Community Centre website for more info.

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