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Hello from Portland!


I finally caved to the Apple takeover and bought an iPhone to take with me on our roadtrip. So far it’s been great and already proved its worth by allowing me to receive and reply to a few very important emails. Plus it’s just fun!

Assuming this blog post works out, it’ll make posting on the go a possibility too. Awesome!

Speaking of on the go, the mister and I are visiting friends in Portland who took us on a little tour of the gorge and Multnomah
Falls. Of course it started pouring rain and hailing as soon as we arrived, but that just added to the misty raw beautiful sights.

I did take a few more non-iPhone pics, but I’ll have to wait until we’re back home to upload those. And check on if this worked at all!

See you soon!

EDIT: It worked! A little wonky in parts, but nothing a few minutes of HTML tinkering can’t fix. A couple more photos of the falls below.

portland waterfalls

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