Granville Island Artist

Granville Island artists

Though this might be old news to you already, I’m excited to announce that A Cagey Bee is officially a Granville Island artist. The number 2 tourist destination in Vancouver (#1 being the oh so beautiful Stanley Park), Granville Island is such a special place & I couldn’t be more thrilled to be part of the scene.

granville island map

How It Works

At least twice a month I will have a set of dates booked to be at the market. You know the big public market building in the northwest corner of the island where all the fresh produce & food is sold? With gorgeous views looking out over the water? That’s where I’ll be. It’s pretty awesome. 🙂

There are a rotating group of “day vendors” – artists of all different crafts that have juried to be part of the market. In the centre aisle there is a long row of tables of vendors, grouped into different little configurations depending on how many are booked for a specific day.

granville island market artists

When Will I Be There?

This is what I currently have booked:

January – Friday to Sunday each week

February – Friday to Sunday each week

March – Thursday to Sunday each week


Since the hours are crazy long (9am to 7pm), you may run into my mister helping out from time to time. Otherwise known as A Cagey Beard, he’s pretty awesome. There’s no way I’d be able to work such long hours AND still find time to paint without him. If you feel like saying hi, he’s always up for chatting about hockey, Magic the Gathering & scooters. I’m sure he wouldn’t say no to those little coke bottle gummy candies either. hehe

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