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Freshening Up


The weather is warming up and despite the fact that my allergies are going crazy, all I want to do is be outside! Instead, I’ve mostly been sitting inside on my computer, staring at lines and lines of code as I try to overhaul my website design.

There are still a bunch of tweaks that need to be made, but so far I’m quite happy with it. One day I’ll hire someone else to do all this stuff for me. For now, I like the challenge. Designing websites, especially tinkering with all the bits of code that go into templates like mine, is so totally different than painting. It’s fascinating! I feel like I’m back in high school French class where I’m starting to understand the gist of what I’m reading, but still kind of lost and constantly needing to look up certain phrases.

Getting out of our comfort zones every once in a while and stretching our brains is important, no matter what you do.

I’ve had some late nights trying to figure out how to make the changes I want. My eyes were tired and bloodshot. But when I finally got one more piece of the puzzle to click? Happy dance right in my office, baby!

I know…I know…some things are better left to the experts. Those horror DIY renovation story TV shows spring to mind! But by at least dipping your toe in and getting a feel for the project, you’ll either surprise yourself and learn a new skill OR you’ll figure out that you do need an expert and you’ll be in a better position to work *with* that expert.


With my website re-design, I’m sure there are a bunch of cleaner ways I could be doing things. And when I eventually do hire a pro, I’ll be able to ask those educated questions and actually understand how they way they do things is better.

In the meantime, I’m grabbing the dogs and going for a walk. Which I totally know how to do!

How about you? Have you learned anything new that felt like a big stretch? Did it end in glory? Or disaster?


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