Fall in Vancouver means the weather is starting to get chilly and the few days of sunshine are immediately pounced on because we know we’ve got many months of cold, wet weather ahead. This seems to be showing up in my painting too.

I’ve got a new print up in the shop of this sassy miss with her cozy candy cane scarf:

The Candy Cane Scarf

And after tromping around in my rainboots a couple of weekends ago (my bee sting is STILL not healed, btw), this chica popped up on my canvas. My rainboots are yellow with a plaid green stripe pattern, but I wouldn’t mind snagging a pair of red ones with polka dots. Nope, wouldn’t mind that one bit!

Red Umbrella

The original canvases will be up for sale soon. I still need to do a layer of UV coating before they’re free to find new homes.

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