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Taking a gander out my window yesterday afternoon I spotted this wily guy, just hanging out on my sidewalk:

Coyote walking along the sidewalk, right in front of my house!

I love that a city the size of Vancouver has maintained so much green space that us city dwellers still get regular run ins with coyotes, raccoons & skunks, but in the middle of the afternoon this was definitely an unusual sight. I’m glad I wasn’t walking out to the car with my pooches! (If we’re going for a walk, they’d be leashed, but if we’re going for a car ride? I’d be carrying leashes & they’d be free to become coyote snacks.)

The Stanley Park Ecology Society is mapping the sightings & are particularly concerned with pet attacks. If you would like to report a coyote sighting, you can contact them via phone at (604)681-WILD or via email ( Include the date, time, location & what the coyote was doing at the time of the sighting.

They also have a really good FAQ explaining what to do should you encounter a coyote:

“encourage the coyote to keep moving by shouting and gesturing aggressively at it.  Remove all attractants around your property: accessible garbage and compost, pet food left outside, rat and mice habitat (birdseed fallen from feeders often attracts rodents).”

The Society maintains that people can co-exist with coyotes & has developed several programs & information packs for neighborhoods & schools.Based on the map displaying coyote sightings for 2010, I’d say it’s pretty clear we already are co-existing with coyotes!

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