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Bee Boy

Do I have the sweetest bee boy or what? I was so sick after (& during) Halloween that I completely forgot to upload my pics. I’m lucky to have a pug sweet enough to indulge his momma’s desire to see him dressed in costumes. I don’t do this regularly, but for one night a year I figured he could handle the embarrassment.

He was pretty well-behaved as we went trick or treating around the neighborhood causing many giggles and squeals. The only problem was he got a little too comfy and started wandering into people’s houses, like we were there to visit friends. Whoops! Good thing we had a mini Batman (secret identity: my nephew Kieran) to help us:

Last and also least, seeing as he’s just wee little thing, is my sister’s pooch Meeka. And no, we did not keep that Frankenstein hat on for more than 3 minutes.

More pics of the rest of the gang in my Flickr album.

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