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Artists I Love: Emily Martin

Black Apple prints

Squeeeee!  I got the most delightful package in the mail the other day & snapped a pic to share with you.  I’ve been following Emily Martin of The Black Apple for about a year now.  She’s primarily a painter, but she also makes dolls, ghosties and other crafty things when the mood strikes her.  She’s got a fantastic Etsy shop filled with prints of her gorgeous paintings and when she does a big update (one that includes original paintings and handmade goodness) things sell out in minutes.  Literally.  Like 3 minutes flat!

Love that label!

A couple of weeks ago Emily’s cat, Miette, was struck by some emergency health issues and required surgery (she’s recovering nicely, btw).  Emily quickly organized a benefit sale and knocked prices on her prints down to 12 bucks.  I couldn’t resist and snapped up two lovely scenes that I thought would look fab in my bedroom/office.  I haven’t framed them yet, but don’t you just love that mailer?  So cute!  I let out a little squeal when I saw my Black Apple package had arrived.  🙂

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