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Art Show Recap

Thanks to everyone who came out to see my work plus the other fantastic artists at Dirty Pop on the weekend. There is a cute recap video posted on YouTube with lots of familiar faces, plus shots of the work. Check it out! Also worth checking out – Mori Pablo, the artist who won the People’s Choice award after the votes were tallied at the end of the night. Love the Big Lebowski painting!

The Dirty Pop art show people's choice award goes to: Mori Pablo!

Here’s me all dolled up with somewhere to go:

Wore my SwapORama dress to the art show last night. Could barely breathe, but I love it!

I wore a dress I snagged at the Swap O Rama a few months ago, which was a smidge too tight (OK…I could barely breathe), but I lurvvvvved it so much that I had to wear it. I was also sporting the new shoes I treated myself to as a reward for working such crazy hours this summer – my first pair of the much coveted Fluevogs:

Also love? My new Fluevogs! *swoon*So cute! And SO comfortable!!!

Now I’m trying to balance work (catching up with orders, stocking up on supplies, figuring out which fall & Christmas shows I want to do…) with getting some family time and relaxation in before summer is over. A trip to see my parents is in order, which serves as a holiday too since they live right on the ocean. Lucky ducks!

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