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Antique Store Finds

One of my favorite things to do is rummage through collectibles and curiosities at antique shops and thrift stores. I love holding things in my hands that have a history, that could tell a story if only they could speak. It’s fun to imagine where all of these dusty old things came from, the homes that housed them for many years and the people who eventually tired of them for whatever reason.

A couple of my favorite antique store finds of recent weeks include this wind-up tin toy made in Japan:

Apparently this dapper little dog was made in the 60s and still works perfectly. His awkward hopping action had me squealing with delight and he was immediately tucked under my arm lest anyone else spot him.

Now the question is…what the heck is in his mouth? At first I thought it was a fish, but the white paint really does not in any way depict scales or fish bones. It most closely resembles a blue carrot. I’ve owned dogs my entire life and carrots are not one of the things in danger of being gobbled up when accidentally dropped on the kitchen floor. Perhaps Japanese dogs are more health conscious? Though why it would be blue is still a mystery.

Also scored on the same antiquing trip, an antique photo album complete with amazing black and white photographs:

I will often buy random antique photographs, especially ones of children that no matter how handsome, inevitably end up looking a little creepy.

Antique portrait pictures

Between finding inspiration for new painting subjects and the lovely detailed typeface on the reverse side of the cards, they’re irresistible to me. So an entire album? *swoon*

Antique portrait pictures

I love flipping through the pages and coming up with stories about who these people are. There are several who I’m sure will turn up in some of my new paintings, as soon as I figure out exactly who they were.

Antique portrait pictures

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