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2009 Is Kicking My Ass

I’m already a week into 2009 & not only have I not blogged or painted, I’ve hardly gotten out of bed. Me and the boys came down with a wicked flu bug while we were in Seattle celebrating New Year’s Eve with my sister and her family. We’ve been walking around like snotty, coughing zombies ever since. 2009 is not off to a good start!

After snorting my morning Dristan, I’m feeling reasonably better today, and just in the nick of time. I start a new painting class tonight – Brushstroke Bootcamp. I’m super excited about this one, hoping to get good technique lessons rather than the more conceptual stuff my other classes have been. So, lots of coffee, lots of Kleenex and hopefully I’ll be all set for tonight!

How’s 2009 treating you so far?

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